First Time Here?

What Can I Expect??

Join Us Sundays at: 10:30am

Agape’ MCC   //   4615 E. California Parkway   //   Fort Worth TX 76119   //   Map/Directions

We understand that it can be uncomfortable to try out a new spiritual community for the first time. So please know that you will not be alone. We have new visitors every Sunday, and we will not put you on the spot or in the spotlight in any way. We will be sure you get a visitor’s bulletin so you know how to connect with us and what is going on in our community.

You will be greeted warmly and you are invited to come as you are. We are a relaxed group, and you will find us dressed in every way imaginable. Our pastor, Rev. David Wynn, answers to “David”, “Dave”, or “dude”…you get the picture. David wears vestments on occasion but is usually in boots, khakis, and shirt (he has also been spotted in a kilt!). Check out the “About Us” tab to learn more about our staff.

We are a family. I know, that line is way overused…but, in this place it is true. Our space is filled with children of all ages and backgrounds, adults of all ages and backgrounds, and on occasion the stray that one of our folks spotted on the way to church and simply had to pick them up and knew we would be okay with that. When we say ALL are welcome…we mean it! We are truly “Agape”… “the love that consumes.”

We have gotten as “high tech” in worship as we are going to get…which means no fog machines, or laser light shows. We simply project everything you will need to see, like the order of the service, the words to our songs, and the occasional video clip up front for easy access and so we can preserve paper by not printing bulletins. We strive to be good stewards of the earth’s resources so we “go green” whenever we can and in ever expanding ways.

We have a wonderful community band who leads us with vocals, piano, guitars, drums, the occasional djembe drum, (our children are sometimes moved to rattle, drum, and dance along). The music is blended and speaks to our journey with God as individuals and a community. Every Sunday we sing, pray, share Good News, and take communion together (you don’t have to be a member or profess any set of beliefs to share this with us!).

We are a Christian community that practices radical hospitality and our worship, activities, and outreach are centered in creating a space for folks to experience God. We are a back to basics church - love God, love yourself, love each other…striving to be a place where Jesus would feel at home…which means we are not hip, cool, or too focused on “performance” in worship. We are focused on loving each other, especially when that is a challenge, being a healing presence, and feeding each other in all the ways that implies.

We love to eat, so plan to stay after service and share some food, drink, and laughter with us. Please join us and welcome home!