Walk the Labyrinth On-Line

The Labyrinth Walk – A Traditional Method                       Click Here to find a printable finger labyrinth!

1) Prepare: Set the environment for the experience. This may involve setting your “intention” for the walk.  Set your personal environment by dropping your 'physical baggage' such as key-chains and cell-phones; remove watches to remove the temptation to measure your progress chronologically.  Take a moment to center and ground yourself before entering the labyrinth.

2) Enter: (releasing) During this stage you walk the path toward the center, and should try to acquire a relaxed, peaceful state, temporarily release concerns and quiet the mind.

3) Illumination: (receiving) The time in the center. This is a time of openness and peacefulness; you experience, learn or receive what this unique moment offers. Take your time.

4) Union: (reviewing) The journey outward. You choose when to leave the center, following the same path. This is a time to review and consider what occurred in the center and how it may be applied in your life.

5) Implementation: This stage represents your life outside the labyrinth; the world where your experience or illumination is carried into and affects your everyday life.

Other ways to walk include: Intentional walks: where you address a specific intention, issue or concern; Intercessory walks: offer prayer for a person at each turn on the path; Meditative walks: meditate on a specific word or passage, or pray repeating the Jesus prayer (God have mercy) or the prayer for world peace (Let peace Prevail on Earth).

Click Here to find a printable finger labyrinth!